George H. JOhnson

Anthem Water Plant, Florence, AZ

Johnson Utilities located in Pinal County, Arizona, was built by George Johnson in 1997. It has continued to grow and now delivers water to approximately 38,000 customers in the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area.  Johnson Utilities is now the largest privately owned water company in Arizona. 

The company relies upon a number of wells and water plants to accomplish the task of providing water service to its customers  There are four wastewater treatment facilities where influent is treated and then used for irrigation on several golf courses and to recharge aquifers deep in the earth for use in the future.

As you might imagine, all of the pumping and treatment activities consume vast amounts of electrical power. For nearly a decade now Johnson Utilities LLC has relied on one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources – the abundant sunshine – to produce a substantial portion of the power it uses. Johnson Utilities was the first water company in the state to use solar energy to help power a wastewater treat-ment facility. 

More than 5,400 solar panels were installed over 6 acres of property surrounding its wastewater plant in Anthem at Merrill Ranch, a master-planned community north of Florence. It was the first project in the state to use solar energy in that way, and represents a move away from fossil fuels.  It is also Johnson’s second solar project, the first – on a nearby site – uses solar power to help run a well and potable water treatment plant.

Altogether, Johnson Utilities now operate three solar installations, totaling over 1.6MWs, making us one of the largest non-electric utility solar power producers in the State.  Each year that these solar plants operate at full capacity, we eliminate over 4.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the earth’s atmosphere – carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released if traditional electrical power generation methods were used. In addition, the solar plants also prevent releases of smaller, but still significant amounts of even more harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. Over a ten-year period, just considering the reduction in carbon dioxide alone, the
pollution these solar installations will prevent is about the same as eliminating over 40 million miles of driving in a typical American car!

This extensive solar power installation is just one example of the many ways Johnson Utilities continues to innovate and to improve the lives of its customers and the condition of the planet we all call home!  Johnson Utilities is committed to providing a better world for all of us to live in today and for generations to come.

Johnson Utilities

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